President's Message



As I write this message, we are finally enjoying a long awaited heat wave, so I believe summer has finally arrived and I am enjoying this beautiful 152nd Canadian Birthday weekend. I would like to begin by congratulating our new members who have just recently retired and decided to join RTO/ERO.  Your life is about to change and in a positive way.  For those of you who have been retired for longer, I trust you are happy with your decision, and pleased you have chosen to belong to the Retired Teachers of Ontario.  We are not just a group concerned with benefits, but we encompass much more, such as socials, volunteerism and community involvement.


RTO/ERO is in the process of change. A year ago the organization became a Corporation under the Canada Not-For- Profit Corporation Act. We are now governed at the head office, at 18 Spadina Rd., Toronto, by a Board of Directors. You will begin to hear some new terminology with this change (eg. The previous Senate meetings will now be referred to as the Annual General Meeting and the Forum meetings; your representatives at these meetings will now be called Corporate members, etc.)  We are no longer just a group of retired teachers in Ontario, but we now include many other sectors in the educational field and we live in different regions of Canada.  So the name, The Retired Teachers of Ontario, no longer reflects who we actually are.  As well as the 48 Districts in Ontario, we have 2 Districts in British Columbia and three new Districts are being developed in 3 areas across Canada; one in The Prairies, one in Quebec, and the third district in Atlantic Canada. Active teachers and other educational workers can now join RTO/ERO, for free, until they decide to retire.  People who work in other sectors of education besides teaching, can receive their benefits upon retirement from RTO/ERO.  In the future, you will hear more about a possible name change to better reflect our identity. A different name was chosen by our Board Of Directors, however, at the Spring AGM the Corporate Members were not in favour of the name chosen because it did not accurately describe us as educational workers, so it has been referred back to the staff at the head office to continue this change process.   You will be kept informed by your elected or appointed District 17-Simcoe County executive members as information is received.


Succession planning is a concern at our District level.  As you may have noticed, I am being recycled as the President for 2019-20. Our first vice president, Glenn Conduit, is also repeating the process of becoming president again.  Many of our executive members are fulfilling numerous roles. I encourage you to become involved. As educational workers, we are used to working as a team for the benefit of all. Our District needs you to help out. Please feel welcome to inform one of the executive members, listed in this magazine, of your interest and to see how you may assist. We would like to keep our District active and vibrant so we can all enjoy the benefits of retirement.


I hope to see many of you at our next Fall Lunch Meeting, held at the Ferndale Banquet Hall in Barrie, on October 10, 2019.  We will be recognizing some of our volunteers from each of our 4 Units. Please respond to the invitation in this issue of the Bulletin Board. I also look forward to speaking with you at other Unit and District events throughout the year.



Paul Healy, President